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Dont panic, Lady Petal is here Empty Dont panic, Lady Petal is here

Post  Sally Whiskerpoof on Mon Feb 23, 2009 7:22 pm

Dont panic, Lady Petal is here

My idea for the future was start a helping group for all the toons in Toontown. Since i learned a lot of new stuff in the Toon School i wanted to make Toontown a happier place, so i had to get as many as possible signs from other students afetr talking to my teacher Miss Dottie Bubbleslam. Shes the one who teachs us some tricks to be better while we are in a cog battle. Unluckily i only got 3 signs. Two of my best friends, one of the teacher just to help out. So instead of beeing four in the group, we are three cuz teacher dont count. After class my best friends, Miss T. Eeri and Sir Max, and I went to my house to start this new group idea. We wanted to go round neighbour and ask other students of diferent schools in Toontown. We went to my neighbours house, Miss Lily goes to D. Dock School but she couldnt enter the group because shes already in one. After two hours of ringing every door we went back to my house and rest. I was so tired, we only got two signs from Jabbergargle and Mike from Melodyland Musical School. So we tried to do the same next day.
Next morning we showed the list to Miss Dottie Bubbleslam, she was a little bit upset, she thought we were going to get at least twenty signs for that day but we only got five. Again after school we went to other neighbours houses, this time we got ten signs, mayority from Gardening School. We gave each new member of the group a paper with the list of places we will meet each day. First was my house on saturday to discuss what were we going to do to start to make our group work. We needed a name.
Thats what we did on saturday, we got finally a name for our group, it would be Dont Panic, Help group is here. So on monday we would put papers all over school to make us get more signs and start our idea after all.
On monday we startedto give each student one paper, some of them threw it in the trash can which it made me really mad, dont they wanna let the cogs leave us alone someday? Others read the paper and put it away. Luckily others sign and entered the group, now we are 35 people.
When the week ended we got 48 people. So i showed Miss Dottie Bubbleslam our progress.
- Wow, finally you got more signs, im really glad and hope this works Lady Petal! - She said to me.
- Thank you, we are thinking about stop letting people sign for the moment, we have lot of people already - I replied.
- Good idea, if theres anything else that i can do for you tell me, ill be glad to help you.
Im really happy everything is now how i planned, lets see how it will work.

To be continued.
Sally Whiskerpoof
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Dont panic, Lady Petal is here Empty Re: Dont panic, Lady Petal is here

Post  ~*~Mrs. Sunneh Cullen~*~ on Mon Feb 23, 2009 9:12 pm


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