Dont panic, Lady Petal is here part 2

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Dont panic, Lady Petal is here part 2 Empty Dont panic, Lady Petal is here part 2

Post  Sally Whiskerpoof on Tue Feb 24, 2009 11:21 am

Dont panic, Lady Petal is here

On saturday all the members of the group met at my house, we started creating activities to do after classes, like helping new students battle cogs on the streets, we will separate in 3 groups and split up in Punchline Place, Loopy Lane and Silly Street. Soon we will finish school in Toontown Central and go to D. Dock School after graduating and getting three extra laffpoints for my good job if i dont fail. I have now 30 laffpoints good enough to help new students battling level 1 to level 2 cogs in the street.
On monday after school we splited up in three groups and started go on the street and help new students. My first toon to help was Supertoon, a horse of 17 laffpoints battling a Cold Caller level 2 on Punchline Place. After 26 battles it started to get dark. Had to restoock gags for the 10th time and go back home. New students started to leave the streets. The ones we helped, thanked us. So i went home and got some jellybeans for tomorrow afetr school, i will buy gags.
Next morning a cat came to me and asked if he could join the group. I told him i had to talk about it with my friends, which they agreed and the new cat joined us. We were now 49 members, i told him all the rules and the activities. After school we once again helped new students, this time it was 20 battles for my group in Silly Street. One student lost his laffpoints but he didnt blame us even thought it was our fault. Then he came after healing and joined us once again. I had to write down our progress to show it to Miss Dottie Bubbleslam, everything was exactly how i planned, Miss T. Eeri couldnt come today because she had a cold so after battling the cogs i walked to her house and visited her. I told her today it was great and unluckily had to give her the homework we had for tomorrow if she comes. We did the homework together and she felt better, it was getting darker so i had to go quick before the invasions comes at night.
Well each night the cogs summit a cog invasion, since they like distroying our street lights, they decided to do this so they can get us and beat us, steal gags and study them more for a worse future, thats why the idea of my group was helping toons and not let the cogs get more information about us. Some day Toontown will get better.

To be continued.[b]
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