March 05, 2009 [sv1.0.38.11.test]

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March 05, 2009 [sv1.0.38.11.test] Empty March 05, 2009 [sv1.0.38.11.test]

Post  Sally Whiskerpoof on Sat Mar 07, 2009 12:08 pm

Attention TEST Toons! For a limited time, prices for Party items are significantly reduced, to help make testing Parties features and bug fixes easier on your JellyBean Bank! Enjoy!

* Fixed several Trampoline crash bugs which occur when Toons interact with it right before or just as a Party is ending.
* Fixed issue with Party Cannons where sometimes a Toon loses the ability to control mid-air direction changes when another Toon fires out of another Cannon.
* Fixed Party Cannons crash bug which occurs if one Toon watches another Toon firing out of a cannon then immediately disconnects, causing the observer Toon to crash out.
* Fixed crash bug which occurs when a Toon performs dance moves very close to the edge of the Dance Floor, resulting in the Toon leaving the Dance Floor right when a move is performed and leading to a crash.
* Made changes to Parties so that a Toon who is not invited to a Private Party can no longer teleport to a friend who is in that party as an invited guest.
* Added a countdown sequence for Boarding Group, so when the leader clicks on the "GO" button, there will be a 3 second countdown, during which the group leader can click on the "Cancel" button (GO button turned red) to abort the departure. Once the countdown is over, the normal boarding sequence will start where all group members will teleport to the target destination.
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